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Some homeowners think they are a do-it-yourself type person when they are really not. When installing or repairing a garage door a person should definitely seek professional help if he does not know exactly what he is doing. There are have been numerous instances where someone got hurt because someone thought they were a garage door expert and they really were not.

You can attempt to just look in the local phone book. You will definitely see a long list of operators. Here is some advice you can use to help you narrow that list down and find the most competent garage door service provider in the area.

Insured, Bonded, and Licensed

The garage door company needs to be licensed by the state you live in, have adequate insurance, and be bonded. Ask them just to make sure.

If they have employees, which they most likely do, they also need to have workers compensation insurance in case a person gets injured while installing or repairing your garage door

Look Online On the BBB or Angie’s List

The Better Business Bureau has been around for a long time and holds its members to a high standard. That is why people trust them.

Now, keep in mind that JUST because someone is not part of this association does not mean that they are not a good company. Annual membership to the BBB is over $400 a year and some businesses just do not wish to pay that amount.

But, you can be sure that the ones who are are a) not scam artists b) will do everything in their power to rectify a problem should it happen because they do not want any negative reviews. Also, the better reviews a business gets the higher they go up on the listings so many times a company will right a situation even if they are not in the wrong.

Angie’s List is a newer one but it is also an excellent resource to start with. If nothing else you can see complaints made against some businesses and prevent it from happening to you.


I do not know about you but I like the contractors I hire, especially ones who are working on my garage door, to have experience.

Every home is made different and you want a company that has seen it all. There are so many options to choose from and you will find that companies with at least five years of experience and ones who have experienced technicians will do a much better job.


It is a good idea to ask any garage door service provider for at least three recent customers who have done business with them. Getting character references is crucial because anyone can say they are the best but only a few can back it up. Ask the people you are given if they a) are satisfied with the job that was done and b) would they do business with them again. This suggestion alone can weed out the people and companies that do sub-standard work.

Following these four suggestions will make sure you find an excellent and dependable garage door service provider.

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